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We have various categories of extension services which are key to interact with existing customers’ and to meet new customers. Periodically the company employs some of them or all of them depending on the product seasons. Some of the strategies that we have employed overtime are as follows:

i)Radio Programmes – We carry out programmes through our local and National FMs stations to make maximum impact to the listeners across the republic. Radios are normally very effective because We reach Farmers where they are listened to by up to 90% of farmers in the rural set up. They are also tools of propaganda and countering misleading information and perceptions in the competitive market.

ii) A.S.K Shows – Through the various A.S.K programs, the company is able to competitively show the practical aspect of our products. They are intended to give the real life picture of the actual performance of particular products in the farming situations. The history of the agricultural society shows are indeed as old as the history of modern farming in Kenya. Through this shows we have achieved a lot of milage in both local and international market developments. They are indeed part of both our social and economic responsibility.

iii) International Exhibitions and trade fairs - International exhibition are normally very good forums for developing new markets for our products. These are the forums for introducing our products to the rest of the world where we have technological and climatic advantages

iv) Roadside Demonstration Plots Demonstration sites planted along the road side with appropriate farm cables works a lot in enhancing the company’s overall image. This also serves farmers in their respect communities to learn and appreciate our popular varieties. The roadside demos also register our overshadowing presences in the market.

v) Neon lights and Signboards – These are also perennial structures that are very necessary in enhancing our image in the market. It acts as a more permanent reminder of our company name and dominance in the competitive word.

vi) Branding – Wall branding is another comprehensive method of communication that portrays our company products to the farmers enabling them to make informed decisions on particular varieties portrayed in the drawings. Pictorial communication tends to be more effective than verbal since it imprints itself in ones memory for along time.

vii) Sports – Sports of all kinds are important forums of promotion. Through sports, we are able to have very effective contacts with the farming communities. It is also a forum of introducing both the youths and the elderly in farming skills on specific products promoted at the specific functions plus all other varieties. Kenya seed has been sponsoring many sports events ranging from athletics, Football, Golf tournament, plus many others.

viii) Sales Outlets Our Stockist and agents require a lot of visitation. This is also an important promotional formula since it deals directly with those who handle the purchasing farmers and answering most of their questions. Through this strategy, new products can be introduced comfortably and promotional handouts and posters are given for further extension. Moving across the republic can enable compilations of comparative market information and enhancement of customer’s relations.

ix) Brochures and Technical literature Brochures are very essential for the purpose of enhancing crop information extension and further guiding references. Good literatures are image guiders to the customers and can greatly enhance product appeal and corporate outlook. This enhances one of our core Markets values of improving people’s lives by assisting them to use high quality seed and scientific principles to solve problems in agriculture and environment.

x) Print Media Publications through the print media are important communication tools in product promotions. Introduction of new varieties through the papers can greatly increase the rate of adoption in the society. Positive information on the print media can greatly enhance the corporate image of an organization.

xi) Farm Visits Farm visits are very essential in reaching the farmers in the rural areas. The field visitation is intended for personalized touch with specific farmers or handling specific farmer’s complaints, advice, or evaluations on the performance of our varieties in the field. This is an extension like service that also assists farmers on how to manage specific crop varieties.

xii) Field days and Barazas – Field days are normally good education forums. They have served this company well for many years and still remain an effective way of directly communicating with the farmers. These are also forums of introducing new varieties and answering farmers’ questions on various issues of agronomical practices.

xiii) Farmers Workshops and Seminars Seminars are quite good more especially when targeting a specific niche market like that of stockists, large scale farmers, specific crop farmers like green house tomato farmers, cabbage farmers or dairy farmers. These forums are also essential for enjoining collaborators like agricultural officers, chemical companies and fertilizers merchants who are non competitors.

xiv) Road shows – Road shows with popular regional radio presenters initiates an effective live communication with the farmers. The forum with presentation of seed samples has done a lot in the introduction of new varieties to the farming community.


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